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It's Back! Nursing Research and EBP Day

Nursing Research & EBP Day

Contact Tami Hartzell to Register

Friday, September 30, 2022

7:30 am — Noon

CEs available

College of Health Careers 470 Skyview Center Pkwy

Rochester, NY 14622

Need Continuing Education?

On HealthStream Learning, search "EBP" in the catalog: 

 RRH: EBP Module 01 - Culture of Inquiry & Seven Steps of EBP (2 CNE)

RRH: EBP Module 02 - Asking the Clinical Question & Searching for Evidence (2 CNE)

RRH: EBP Module 03 - Critical Appraisal of Research Studies (4 CNE)

RRH: EBP Module 04 - Planning, Implementing & Rolling Out a Practice Change (4 CNE)

RRH: EBP Module 05 - Evaluating, Disseminating & Sustaining a Practice Change (2 CNE)

Nursing Reference Center has free continuing education available.

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