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Nursing: EBP Resources

2022 Nursing Research & EBP Day Presentations


Podium and poster presentations from RRH Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Day.

Held on September 30, 2022 at the College of Health Careers.

AJN Series: Evidence-Based Practice Step by Step

AJN Series, EBP 2.0: Implementing EBP Changes

Asking is the Answer: An EBP Newsletter

EBP Education Meets Clinical Ladder Requirements

On HealthStream Learning, search "EBP" in the catalog: 

RRH: EBP Module 01 - Culture of Inquiry & Seven Steps of EBP  (2 CNE)

RRH: EBP Module 02 - Asking the Clinical Question & Searching for Evidence Module (2 CNE)

RRH: EBP Module 03 - Critical Appraisal of Research Studies Module (4 CNE)

RRH: EBP Module 04 - Planning, Implementing & Rolling Out a Practice Change (4 CNE)

RRH: EBP Module 05 - Evaluating, Disseminating & Sustaining a Practice Change (2 CNE)

How to Read a Paper and Users' Guide to the Medical Literature

Steps in the EBP Process