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College of Health Careers: Welcome

Resources for Nursing Students and Faculty

This guide is intended for the faculty and students at the Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing and the College of Health Careers.

Here, you can find resources that may be of use to you in teaching, taking classes, and searching for jobs.

Navigate this guide by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page, or follow the links below:

An Introduction to Library Services

* Note: As of 8/17/22, my office presence has been moved to Room 222, rather than the Consultation Room. Hours remain the same.

Office Hours

I am available for face-to-face consultations for students and faculty in Room 222 at the College of Health Careers:

  • Every Wednesday from 2-5
  • Every other Thursday from 2-5 (usually the second and fourth Thursdays of the month)

Exceptions will be noted on Schoology when they arise.

You can always reach me through Schoology or via email! 
(General work hours are 8am-4pm weekdays)