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College of Health Careers: APA Writing

Resources for Nursing Students and Faculty

General APA Writing Style Guides

How To Cite Sources

Citation Management Software

The software linked below can automatically generate citations for the articles or resources you are using in your papers.

Video -- APA Citations and Avoiding Plagiarism

Further Reading


Plagiarism is presenting someone else's words or ideas as your own, without properly attributing the original author. Reusing your own work for another class without the instructor's permission is also plagiarism.

Properly citing sources allows readers to reference your sources and evaluate the validity of the information you are presenting. It maintains the chain of academic provenance and ensures that people get credit for the work they have done.

For nursing school, you will use APA style formatting. Plagiarism is against the code of conduct, and may result in your dismissal from the program.

Always cite your sources, both in the text when you use them and at the end of your paper, in the Works Cited or References section. Do this whenever you use direct quotations from a source, or when you paraphrase its ideas. For nursing school, you will use the APA style of citation.

Use the resources on the left side of this page to make sure you cite your sources!