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Liaison Librarian Program

The Liaison program partners a Librarian with specific departments and centers across Rochester Regional Health. Liaison librarians serve as point-of-contact experts to help team members locate, use, and organize information. The Liaison program enhances collaboration between the library and team members. This partnership enables the library to provide resources and services that support the patient care, education, and research needs of the RRH community.

If your department is not listed below, and you would like an assigned Librarian, please contact Elizabeth Mamo, Library Director.

Find your Library Liaison

Department Librarian
Administration Elizabeth Mamo
Allergy & Immunology Elizabeth Mamo
Ambulatory Surgery Center Mary McVicar Keim
Anesthesiology Mary McVicar Keim
Bariatrics Mary McVicar Keim
Behavioral Health Elizabeth Mamo
Call Center Tami Hartzell
Cardiology, Cardiac Cath Lab, Cardiac Rehab James Evans
Care Management Tami Hartzell
CCU/CTICU Tami Hartzell
Center for Clinical Research Rachel Becker
Clifton Springs Rachel Becker
Clinical Navigators Mary Ann Howie
Clinical Nutrition Rachel Becker
CNAs (Clinical Nurse Advancement System) Tami Hartzell
CRNAs (Nurse Anesthetists) Mary McVicar Keim
Dentistry, Dental Residents Elizabeth Mamo
Dermatology Mary McVicar Keim
Diabetes James Evans
Dialysis Tami Hartzell
DOSA Mary McVicar Keim
DSRIP Mary McVicar Keim
ElderONE James Evans
Emergency Department Rachel Becker
Emergency Department, Pediatric James Evans
Endocrinology, Endocrine-Diabetes Care & Resources Center James Evans
Family Practice Mary McVicar Keim
G1 (Inpatient Psychiatry) Elizabeth Mamo
Gastroenterology Tami Hartzell
GI Endoscopy Tami Hartzell
Geriatrics James Evans

Mary McVicar Keim

Hematology Elizabeth Mamo
Hill Haven James Evans
Hospitalists Elizabeth Mamo
Infectious Diseases, Infection Prevention

Mary McVicar Keim

Internal Medicine Residents James Evans
Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing Rachel Becker
IV Services Tami Hartzell
Laboratory Medicine Mary McVicar Keim
Lipson Cancer Center Elizabeth Mamo
Medical Oncology Elizabeth Mamo
Mendick Cardiac Evaluation Unit (5100) James Evans
MICU Tami Hartzell
MOU/CDU Rachel Becker
Nephrology Tami Hartzell
Neurology Elizabeth Mamo
Newark Wayne Community Rachel Becker
Nurse Council Tami Hartzell
Nursing Education, Leadership and Research Tami Hartzell
Nursing Units  
  2800 - Regional Surgery Tami Hartzell
  3000 - Gyn Surgery James Evans
  3800 - Labor & Delivery / Birthing Center James Evans
  4200 - Vascular Surgery Tami Hartzell
  4400 - Cardiothoracic Surgery James Evans
  4500 - Regional Surgery Tami Hartzell
  4800 - Regional Medicine Tami Hartzell
  5100 - Regional Medicine; Mendick Cardiac Eval Unit Tami Hartzell; James Evans
  5200 - Rochester Heart Institute James Evans
  5400 - Progressive Pulmonary Mary McVicar Keim
  5500 - Medical Hematology / Oncology Elizabeth Mamo
  5800 - Regional Medicine, Hospice Tami Hartzell
  6800 - Orthopaedic Surgery Mary McVicar Keim
  7000 (B7) - Pediatrics James Evans
  7800 - Stroke Elizabeth Mamo
ObGyn, ObGyn Residents James Evans
Oncology Elizabeth Mamo
Ophthalmology Mary McVicar Keim
Orthopedics Mary McVicar Keim
Outpatient Medical at RGH Mary McVicar Keim
Outpatient Twig Mary McVicar Keim
PACU Tami Hartzell
Palliative Care Mary McVicar Keim
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Mary McVicar Keim
Patient Education Mary Ann Howie
Patient Safety Mary McVicar Keim
Pediatric Emergency Department James Evans
Pediatrics James Evans
Pharmacy Rachel Becker
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Mary McVicar Keim
Physician Advisory Program Elizabeth Mamo
Podiatry James Evans
Psychiatry Elizabeth Mamo
Pulmonary and Critical Care Mary McVicar Keim
Quality Improvement Mary McVicar Keim
Radiation Oncology Elizabeth Mamo
Radiology, Radiology Residents Rachel Becker
Refugee Healthcare Mary Ann Howie
Research Institute Rachel Becker
Respiratory Medicine Mary McVicar Keim
Rheumatology Elizabeth Mamo
Safety and Security Mary McVicar Keim
SICU Tami Hartzell
Social Work James Evans
Special Care Nursery James Evans
Sports Medicine Mary McVicar Keim
Spiritual Care Elizabeth Mamo
Twig Medical Associates Mary McVicar Keim
Unity Hospital Ray Curtin
Utilization Management/Review Elizabeth Mamo
Volunteer Services Elizabeth Mamo
Women's Center James Evans
Wound Care Mary McVicar Keim

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